For Sale- Kunekune Pigs

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold an animal, but may be transferred to another animal if available.  We reserve the right to withhold any animal from sale, at which time the deposit will be refunded. 

          Price quoted includes microchipping and registration. Discounts available for multiple purchases. 

 If you would like us to expose one of our older gilts to a complimentary boar, the stud fee is $200.  We keep the gilt with the boar for about two months and aim for a Spring or Fall farrowing. Please contact  us for more pictures of the kunekune you are interested in. Thanks!

We are expecting a Spring 2021 litter from June and Chubbs.  Please contact us if you would like to be put on the waiting list. 


Fall 2020 piglets are here!

CreamPuff's piglets 9-16-20.jpg

What a beautiful batch of piglets!  6 little girls and 2 little boys.  Some with wattles, some are without.  Born 9/10/20, these little ones are growing fast!  They are super friendly and ready for new homes.  They will be ready to breed by this September. 

pig 1.jpg

Ginger and black double-wattled gilt.  $550

                            SOLD  Thanks, Katie!

©2016 by Whispering Grasses Farm

pig 2.jpg

White and brown unwattled gilt.  She is the biggest                 piggie in the pile and so sweet!  $500

                            SOLD!  Thanks Camdin!

pig 3.jpg

Ginger and black double-wattled gilt. $550

                     SOLD!  Thanks Camdin!

pig 4.jpg

Ginger and black double-wattled gilt. $550

                          SOLD- Thanks, Katie!

pig 5.jpg

Ginger and black unwattled gilt. $500

    SOLD- Thanks, Wendy and Bryar!

pig 6.jpg

Ginger and black double-wattled gilt. $550

                      SOLD!  Thanks Camdin!

boar 2.jpg

           Ginger and black double-wattled boar.  $350

                           SOLD!  Thanks Ken and Amber!


             Brown and white unwattled boar.  $300