About Us

My husband and I were born city slickers. We have spent most of our lives in the big cities (and not-so-big cities), but found we always felt more at home in the country. Every vacation was an escape with the kids to the wild. Little did we ever dream that we would get the chance to actually LIVE in the country and pursue our interest in a more self-sufficient, energy-efficient lifestyle, much less get into the business of mini-ranching!  

It started with a move from Texas to Missouri in 2010 and the purchase of a horse for one of our equine-crazed daughters.  This led to the purchase in 2011 of 38 acres of mixed hay and timber fields in the beautiful Northeast corner of Missouri, about 20 miles from Memphis (not to be confused with THE Memphis in Tennessee). This led to the construction of a bermed-in, hybrid straw-bale, passive solar house with solar panels. And as one thing leads to another, the horse had to have a companion, which turned out to be a couple of Boer goats. We ended up liking the goats (and ended up really liking the way goat tastes), so we got more goats. 

Then we thought, pig tastes good - we need to get some pigs! So we got some KuneKune pigs. Oh, and did I tell you my husband and I are, how to put it delicately, beyond middle age (closer to retirement age...). So we need easy-care, docile critters that like being around humans and who won’t push our old bones around. Also, we only have 3 acres in pasture - the rest of the acreage that is not wooded is in hay and restored Prairie (working with the Missouri  Dept. of Conservation on this restoration project). We did try some Dexter cows as well, and they were really super laid-back and about as easy to take care of as cows can be.  However, a cow, even a small one, is a bit too big for an amateur home butcher. 


Our goal is to raise happy, healthy animals in as natural an environment as possible. (OK, so the cute little plastic swimming pools for the pigs aren’t very “natural”, but they are a necessity during the hot, humid summers. And I did draw the line when the pigs asked for the pool-side lounge chairs and a bar.) Vaccinations are given according to vet recommendations and antibiotics are only used when necessary to treat an ill animal.  


The KuneKune pigs are all registered breeding stock. The Boer goats are high-end percentage commercial grade. We sell live animals for breeding or meat. Or if you prefer, we can deliver the animal(s) to a local butcher for processing - you pay us for the animal and then pay the butcher for the processing. 


Thanks for visiting our website and hope to do business with you. Happy Homesteading!

Lois Petting the Pigs